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31 December 2023 @ 03:25 am

Comment to be added.

Don't worry, i won't bite.

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07 January 2010 @ 01:41 pm
Yesterday morning at work,some dude got friendly with me.
He was already looking at me while I was walking towards the lift.
But I just ignored (because 1) I'm shy, 2) I don't bother haha) and waited patiently for the lift.
And he kept looking at me up and down.
Firstly I wasn't wearing any dress or fully make up,just a tee and jeans with tiny little make up.
I didn't think he was creepy because he's pretty geeky looking.
Then he came up to me saying something but I was hearing my ipod so not to be rude,I took it out.

"Which floor do you work?"he repeated.
"Oh on the sixth,you?"
We went into the lift and he pressed the 4th floor button. "Fourth.What do you work as?"
"DI works,touch ups.What do you do?"
He nodded,"Graphic Design."
Then he reached his floor."I'm Hafiz by the way,"He held out his hand to shake.
I returned."Nadiah,"I smiled and waved at him."Alright,I'll see you around."
"Will do!"And he went off.

Honestly,I thought it was nice having a friend from this building besides the boss and his wife.
Yes,the only colleagues I have are them that's it.
My schoolmate and ex-colleague from previous work,Ali will be working on the 20th.
So long,I can just die out of boredom.Especially now.
The boss and his wife is away for holidays till 18th so I'm alone at work.

There isn't much to do because project hasn't started till like coming end of the month.
So mostly I'll be youtubing (watched Spice World yesterday :P YES I'm THAT BORED),fb and such.
I can't choose not to come because the boss calls up to check up on me. Smart guy.

Mom called in the afternoon asking me whether wanted to join the family (minus the first younger brother)
to watch Avatar at Downtown East at night,close to 9pm. Duh,who doesn't?
I said yea.left the office late just to kill the time and reached there at 8pm.
Wasted my time again at Coffee Bean while slurping my vanilla ice blended.Yum!

And the movie....effing AWESOME!
Not because everyone says it is like they say 2010,dark knight,new moon,watchmen kinda awesome.
(They are pretty good movies actually haha)But super duper awesome. Like the movie 300 awesome.
The whole movie was 2 hours or plus but I didn't feel it at all because it was really that interesting.
I just abit of neck pain because mom chose bad seats for us;2nd front row at the side.
So yea,for those who haven't catch it yet.
Grab your wallet and keys,get in the car and go!
Btw I'm in love with this song and the video.
Cracks me up everytime I watched it.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year LJ Friends! :D
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27 June 2009 @ 01:30 am
I miss the times when I used to watch 'Black Or White' every single morning before everyone is awake.
And I miss talking to my dad too.

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26 April 2009 @ 04:26 pm
I've always adore a particuliar fitness instructor eversince I heard her on radio.
Warna 94.2FM has a special segment every Friday,4pm just for her to give on healthy tips just for women.

She's known as Abidah Mahmud aka Deedee.
She used to be obese at 80kg and now she's only 47kg.

Not only that there was this old woman who use a walking stick to walk but now can walk / exercise without it.
People all the way from Johore comes to the lesson as well.
Power sungguh.

I've always said I wanna go for a jog but never did because lack of motivation.
Back in school,I had this friend who was really into sports and she got me motivated into sports.
I thank her for that but we grew apart for some reasons so now there isn't anyone I know of who
I can go jog/gym or anything that reguires me to sweat.

But that didn't stop me.

I decided to go for Deedee's class accompanied by my aunt who's alright with sports.
She hates the thought of jogging so I convinced her for these lessons.
It was at a studio, 2nd floor of Tampinese Swimming Complex. Nasib baik dekat, kalau jauh lebih baik tidur balik.Heh.
And $7.50 per lesson. How neat is that.

The first time I stepped into the studio, I realized I was the only one wearing shorts while the rest in slacks or long pants.
Banyak makcik tudung,hmm. Dan semuanye smangat-smangat badan ye.
So I didn't feel I was the only chubby one there.

And there I saw Deedee, who is really slim and young for her age. She's probably late 40s or early 50s.
IDK, she was wearing alot of makeup and her long,highlighted hair with yellow hairband on her head.
Makcik ni seksi tau,jangan main-main. Hur hur.

Anyways,the first lesson was Stretch Band / Step - Robic. WHICH left me breathless but still got me going because of the upbeat music.
You know how much I love upbeat/electro music. Especially Jai Ho from Pussycat dolls. People singing out loud, hands in the air and jumping. You can never get tired with that kinda vibe around. 
The thing about Deedee, she actually goes around making sure we're doing the steps correctly and will do it beside you until you get it right.
Which she did to me. Standing beside me, showing me the right way and getting me in the mood.

My aunt decided that we should try on pilates as well after that.
It was relaxing,slow exercise but you can actually feel the burns in your body. No pain no gain right?
Reminds me doing those pilates back in secondary school. Wahh best.

At the end of the lesson, my aunt decided to approach Deedee thanking her for the lessons while I was sitting at a bench, resting.
Actual reason? Malu lah,hehe. Yes, I'm shy like that.

But then she and Deedee came to me. "Inilah anak sedare saye. Dier yang recommend saya datang sini skali."
"Oh?Bagus eh,I'm very proud of you,Nadiah. How old are you,still schooling?"Deedee asked.
"Tak kak, saye dah kerje." I wasn't sure to call her Kak or Makcik since she look young and hip for a makcik.
"Really?But you look so young,"she laughed. Alahai angkat aku tinggi-tinggi pula haha! 
And before we went off, she hugged me, telling me that she'll look out for me again on the next lesson.

Aah cute,cute. I'll definitely come next weekend since my aunt is only free on those days.
Never know, I might just go on week nights in the future.
and that is if I get to find someone who can accompany me as well.

If you're interested,check deedeefitness.com for more details.

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24 April 2009 @ 09:34 pm
 Eversince i've quit my job,it's been really hard to get another one.
I thought it would only take at least a month or two but 5 months,that's long.
Because I was pretty ignorant while working for an event company.
You can actually say that I could just bring my bed there as well.
After work,back home to sleep.

But now, Alhamdullilah dapat kerje.
After sending out resumes to numerous studios, one actually welcomed me in.
Fatimah Hameed Photography Studio.
It's a home-based business which the family are the employers and employees themselves.

Mrs Fatimah who I called 'Auntie' is the secretary and her husband,Mr Hameed who I called 'Uncle' is the designer.
They also take videos and take photoshoots of newly wed. Their children will help out during the weekends.
They live in a 3 storey bungalow which they divide them into first floor is the normal family room, second is the studio
and the third floor is the office. 

Ada pening sikit banyak pintu dan penat naik-turun tangga.

They told me they were actually hesitating to hire someone outside because they have been 'just a family thing only' for 10 years.
And to have someone outside coming to your house every weekdays is...say,odd?
But they decided to try me out since they need an extra hand for wedding albums.

"Kita mesti tolong bangsa sendiri juge kan." Uncle said.

And it has been pretty good alright.
Auntie cooks fantastic food for lunch, Uncle is really cool to talk to who reminds me of my own Dad.
Boncet dan botak tengah, ade rambut di tepi sahaje. So fatherly.
The children are yet to get to know well enough. They are nice too. The youngest one is really shy and soft.
I could hardly hear her when she said "Assalamualaikum". Macam tikus squeak squeak. Hehe.

Everysince I've stepped into their house, I learn and appreciate my own culture/tradition more.
I said 'Hi' but they say Assalamualaikum and salam when they meet someone.
I listen to English music but they listen to Warna 94.2FM.
You can say that they are the decent alim musliman.

Do you believe that I love listening to Warna 94.2FM now?
And Nona Kirana is my idol. She takes her time to reply her fans. Even me. Aah cute,cute. 
Aku ade slenger sikit on this part. I enjoy reading her blogs,very inspiring. Nak jadi macam dier. 

So yes,I enjoy work although the pay is lower than what I had before.
But what has given me, I thank YOU Allah :)

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